Homevest teams up with Hemnet to streamline international holiday home buyers in Sweden

Homevest and Hemnet, Sweden's top online real estate platform, have partnered to make purchasing holiday homes abroad easier for Swedes.

Delia Mihuț
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Published at 2023-09-22
Last updated on 2023-09-22
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Homevest, the digital mortgage platform for mortgages abroad, and Hemnet, Sweden's leading digital marketplace for real estate, are starting a collaboration to simplify the process of buying vacation homes abroad.

Through this partnership, Hemnet's users will gain effortless, digital access to the Homevest platform when seeking their holiday home. This collaboration makes the experience of securing a mortgage and buying an overseas property not just simpler, but more intuitive and seamless.

Cross-border mortgage solutions for dream holiday homes in Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy

Whether Swedish buyers seek a getaway or a fresh start in Spain, Portugal, Greece, or Italy, Homevest offers access to reliable information, expert guidance, and competitive mortgage rates. 

With Homevest, individuals and investors are empowered to navigate the mortgage market with ease. The platform covers popular destinations, including Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy, assisting buyers in making informed decisions and securing their dream properties with confidence.

The partnership with Hemnet is a big leap in our quest to simplify overseas property buying. We're excited to help the growing number of Swedes keen on owning holiday homes in Europe. They can now find and finance their dream property with greater ease. This partnership is not only a boost for Homevest’s growth, but it also means we can serve more people in the European property market”, says Erik Edin, co-founder and CEO of Homevest.

Homevest, with existing partnerships with Immoscout24 in Germany and Imobiliare.ro in Romania, is excited to collaborate with Hemnet. Together, they aim to assist more Swedes in obtaining competitive mortgage financing abroad by streamlining the process and improving access to attractive terms and opportunities in international markets.

About Homevest

Homevest was founded in 2021 by two former Wise employees Erik Edin and Petru Dimulescu and is backed by Venrex, an early investor in Revolut, as well as an impressive roster of executives from Wise, Lightyear, and Amazon. 

Homevest is headquartered in London and Stockholm. They have helped over 7000 people assess their financing options around Europe. 200 people have secured bank offers through the Homevest platform.

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