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The first community we are working with is the Romanians living in the UK. Buying property in Romania is popular, but finding the best mortgage deals, knowledgeable brokers, and dealing with the legal process while abroad is not easy.
Find out more about becoming a homeowner with a mortgage in Romania on our dedicated page.

Our Mission

We're building Homevest to help anyone buy property in their home country, across borders.

Working far from your home country should not hold you back from buying a home. Be it in your home country or the new one, you should know what your options to buy a house are, how to finance it and how to turn your cross-border life to your advantage as opposed to being a limitation.

Our Story.


I was moving back to Sweden after 7 years in the UK. I was planning to buy a house but I could not find a bank that was willing to give me a mortgage.


I was looking to buy a house as investment back home in Romania. It's not easy to buy in the UK where I live. The house prices here are through the roof, especially in London. I am not sure where I'll live when I retire. Returning back home once my kids are all grown up is on the table for me.

Why us?

Both of us have spent the past seven years building products together for expats, at Wise, and home buyers, at Generation Home.

We found out how complicated buying property is, not to mention how complicated it gets doing it across borders. We learned the hard way that the status quo is not made to help people like us.

This should change. For this, we are working towards making this process better.

With Homevest, we aim to enable home ownership to Europe's 10 Million expats and migrants.