Homevest and ImmoScout24 simplify buying holiday homes abroad for Germans

Discover how Homevest and ImmoScout24 have partnered to make purchasing holiday homes abroad easier for Germans.

Delia Mihuț
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Published at 2023-05-17
Last updated on 2023-09-22
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Homevest partners with Germany’s leading online platform for real estate, ImmoScout24, to simplify the process of purchasing holiday homes abroad for Germans. 

ImmoScout24 offers their users searching for a suitable holiday home direct and digital access to the Homevest platform to make buying a property abroad with a mortgage as easy as possible.

“We are excited to collaborate with ImmoScout24 to help Germans easily access mortgages for properties abroad: the German demand for holiday homes in countries like Spain and Portugal has seen a massive increase during the last 2-3 years, but many don’t even know they can finance their property with a mortgage, or better yet navigate the process of applying across borders. Fortunately, ImmoScout24 partnering with Homevest puts the solution at the customers’ fingertips”, says Erik Edin, co-founder, and CEO of Homevest.

Germans can invest in holiday homes in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania, and soon other countries with ease and convenience

ImmoScout24 users benefit from a large real estate offer and can easily access mortgages abroad via Homevest. The cross-border mortgage platform provides a quick, easy, and fee-free solution for finding eligible banks and comparing mortgage offers in Spain, Romania, Portugal, and Greece. 

"Due to the possibility of mobile working, the demand for foreign properties for purchase and the associated financing is increasing more and more. We are pleased to have gained an international partner in Homevest, which offers a free, cross-border advisory service for foreign properties in the area of financing," says Julia Esser, Head of Sales Finance of ImmoScout24. 

About Homevest

Homevest was founded in 2021 by Petru Dimulescu and Erik Edin to simplify the process of buying properties across borders. The idea for the company came after they failed to obtain a mortgage with foreign income. The company is backed by Venrex, an early investor in Revolut. 

About ImmoScout24

ImmoScout24 is the leading online platform for residential and commercial real estate in Germany. ImmoScout24 has been revolutionizing the real estate market for over 20 years. Every month, around 19 million users search for a new home or suitable commercial space on our online marketplace or in our app. That's why 98 percent of the target group knows ImmoScout24. With its digital solutions, the online marketplace provides orientation and successfully brings together owners, real estate agents, and real estate seekers. ImmoScout24 is working toward the goal of handling real estate transactions digitally and thus making complex decisions easier for its users. ImmoScout24 has also been active on the Austrian residential and commercial market since 2012 and reaches around 3 million seekers every month.

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