Mallorca is an excellent investment destination
Mallorca is an excellent investment destination

Mallorca guide: top things to see and do

After reading this guide, you'll see that Mallorca is worth visiting. There's a lot to see and do, and you might not have time for everything! So why not invest in a property here?

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Published at 2024-04-17
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Planning a trip to Spain? Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands that is a popular destination with an incredible landscape. It won’t disappoint when it comes to weather, cuisine, and sandy beaches. It's perfect even if your only plan is to relax and sip some sangria by the sea!

If you're picking out activities for your trip, continue reading. 

We’ve compiled a list of things to see and do in Mallorca. We'll also offer a handy tip to help you invest here, as falling in love with the Spanish laid-back lifestyle is almost inevitable.

Where is Mallorca?

Mallorca is the largest part of the Balearic Islands, located off the coast of Spain, east of Ibiza. 

How to get to Palma de Mallorca

There are plenty of flights from the US to Palma de Mallorca, and the good news is that starting in June, there will be a non-stop service to this destination.

The flight typically lasts over 12 hours and costs between $200 and $1000. Iberia, Swiss, and eight other airlines operate flights from Boston to Palma every three hours.

There is also a direct flight from New York (EWR) that lasts 8 hours and operates three times per week. In May, prices reach $1,400.

Top things to see and do in Mallorca

Checking off many tourist attractions from your list isn't that magical anymore. Instead of joining crowds of tourists, why not enjoy the island's beauty at your own pace? 

We’ve put together a short list for you to consider when planning your days.

Visit the Gothic cathedral

There are plenty of spots from which you can see the beauty of this Gothic cathedral, the city’s iconic image.

As one of the most spectacular Gothic buildings in the Mediterranean, the cathedral was built during the 13th century on the site of an old mosque. It offers a fantastic view, whether you prefer to see it during the day or even better at night.

Take a hot air balloon ride over Mallorca

Watch the sunset from over 900 meters in the air! This is an excellent opportunity to explore Mallorca's landscape and enjoy a unique experience.

Hot air ballooning is a popular activity on the island, so you'll have plenty of options. Prices generally start at 160 to 180 euros.

Explore the beaches

Mallorca offers a wide variety of beaches to suit any mood. If you’re looking for a beach surrounded by mountains, Cala Agulla could be a perfect choice. 

Portal Vells is ideal for families, featuring sandy beaches and numerous caves to explore. 

For those interested in luxury accommodations, Playa de Camp de Mar is one of the island's most sophisticated resorts.

Take a vineyard tour

Enjoy a good sip and visit a vineyard because more than 25 wineries are scattered across the island. A glass of white wine can enhance your experience when paired with seafood or fresh fish.

The Oliver Moragues Winery, for instance, is one of the most picturesque rural settings on Mallorca.

Yes, Mallorca may seem very touristy at first glance, but it has hidden gems that deserve your attention. Once you’ve captured the spirit, you’ll want to return to this place over and over again. 

From visitor to investor: buying property in Mallorca

Mallorca is popular among international buyers, mainly due to its potential for rental income from the high tourist influx. 

According to the ECB, Spain's stable financial environment further shields investors from risks, making Mallorca an excellent investment destination.

How easy is it to buy a property in Mallorca as a US citizen

Buying property in Mallorca as a US citizen can be straightforward, especially if you seek the right assistance. With the proper support, you can even purchase your property remotely, including signing contracts through a proxy.

Like any real estate transaction, you will need certain specific documents and should be aware of additional costs associated with the property price.

How much does it cost to buy a property in Mallorca?

In March 2024, the average property price in Mallorca reached €4,748 per square meter, reflecting a 32.40% increase from the same month the previous year.

The Centro area featured the highest prices, at €6,050 per square meter, while the Llevant area offered the most affordable options, with an average price of €3,145 per square meter.

Palma de Mallorca is 20% more expensive than the mainland, but overall, the cost of living in Spain is more affordable than many cities in the US. 

The good news is that as a US citizen, you don’t face any restrictions when accessing a Spanish mortgage. So why not consider this option to expand your property budget and diversify your investments? 

Secure the best deal for your property in Mallorca with Homevest

One of the most important aspects of planning a property investment is ensuring you have reliable support to navigate the process successfully. 

A trustworthy partner can streamline the experience and ensure you don’t miss a thing. Homevest can be that partner for you. 

Functioning like a project management tool, Homevest helps applicants gather the necessary documents for bank reviews, ensuring that all required paperwork is easily accessible in one centralized location for the bank, the mortgage broker, and the client.

Homevest makes banks compete for your mortgage, helping you secure the best terms. In fact, 51% of their customers secured better mortgages in 2023 due to this.



After reading this guide, you'll see that Mallorca is worth visiting. There's a lot to see and do, and you might not have time for everything! Since Ibiza is close to Mallorca, if you want to combine these two experiences, consider exploring whether it's also worth visiting Ibiza.

Remember, if you're interested in investing in Spanish property, support from services like Homevest can streamline buying a house in Mallorca directly from the US.


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