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How does it work?

Register interest

Check if you can get a mortgage by filling out our form and register your interest with us.

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We'll call you to understand your needs and tell you where you stand.

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You send in all the documents and fill in the required form and we'll call you to confirm your application.

Manage your application

Manage your application and track your progress online, via Homevest.

What's the cost?

We don’t charge anything for our service. In the future, banks may pay us a commission when we refer customers to them.

The home buying process,
in Spain.


Determine your budget. This depends on your income, deposit and what currency you earn your income in. You can use our calculator to get an indication


Find a property you like. is a good starting point.

Get Pre-approved

Get pre-approved by a Spanish lender.
Use our service to speed things up.

Make Offer

Make an offer on the property. Settle with the seller on the price and details.

Gather documents

Collect your documents. Make sure you have all you need in one go. We help you with what is needed, translations and legalisations.

Submit application

Submit your mortgage application with your chosen lender.

Pay deposit

Once successful, sign the mortgage declaration and make the payment for the deposit.

Sign the deeds

Visit a notary to sign the property deed and the mortgage contract.

Get the keys

Party till the morning comes. Or Netflix and chill. Make it yours.

Access the best mortgages
with a co-debtor.

Banks charge expats more, provide worse service, and offer fewer options compared to locals. To improve this, we are making it easier to get a local co-debtor on your mortgage that lets you access local deals.

Our Story.


I was moving back to Sweden after 7 years in the UK. I was planning to buy a house but I could not find a bank that was willing to give me a mortgage.


I was looking to buy a house as investment back home in Romania. It's not easy to buy in the UK where I live. The house prices here are through the roof, especially in London. I am not sure where I'll live when I retire. Returning back home once my kids are all grown up is on the table for me.