Radu invested in Brașov’s property market
Radu invested in Brașov’s property market

Investing back home from abroad: Radu’s double success story with Homevest

Read Radu's success story with Homevest as he invests in Romanian property from abroad. Discover how Homevest helped him secure a mortgage and achieve his goals.

Delia Mihuț
Written by Delia Mihuț
Published at 2023-11-07
Last updated on 2024-04-15
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Radu is one of the customers who have used Homevest services to obtain a mortgage twice. After securing his first mortgage in January 2023, he returned to Homevest for a second one to purchase another property in Romania.

Radu is a Romanian living in Poland who saw an opportunity to invest in Brașov’s property market to maintain ties with his homeland and secure his family's financial future.

The goal: investing in a second property in Romania

From his previous experience securing a loan in Romania while abroad, Radu learned that purchasing a house via a mortgage can be challenging and time-consuming. Finding the right house took a long time, and he needed help understanding the paperwork and finding the best deal for his situation.

The right assistance helps you find a bank that meets your needs and fully comprehends your financial situation. That's why Radu returned to Homevest.

The solution: Homevest, the digital service that knows your profile and connects you with the right bank

Having had a successful experience with Homevest before, Radu decided to rely on our services once more when seeking a new mortgage in Romania.

The service and the results I received when applying for the first time motivated me to seek support from Homevest once again,” says Radu.

In addition to providing a platform to streamline his mortgage application, our role was to assist Radu in obtaining the best mortgage deal remotely, minimizing the need to travel to Romania. We also helped with translating documents, as his residency in Poland meant his paperwork required translation.

Homevest was the key partner in getting the loan. 

I was surprised by the dedication and constant support in finding solutions to the relationship with the bank. There were some obstacles along the way that I am convinced that without the determination of the Homevest, I would not have been able to overcome,” says Radu.

The outcome: 120,000 RON floating interest rate mortgage loan

As a result, the entire process with Homevest went smoothly, and we helped Radu secure a Credit Europe Bank mortgage loan with an interest rate of 2,75% + IRCC. This allowed him to purchase his desired property in Brașov.

Credit Europe Bank’s experienced branch manager, Viorela, was very responsive and moved quickly. The pre-approval could be obtained within a matter of days, requiring the client to travel to Romania only once.

As finance industry professionals, our challenge with non-resident applicants is establishing effective communication for their requirements. Collaborating with Homevest streamlines the process for banks and applicants. For those who may not be financially prepared or with questions about mortgages for Romanians living and working abroad, Homevest is the go-to source for guidance and assistance,” says Viorela, branch manager at Credit Europe Bank.

By choosing Homevest as your partner, you can rest assured that your situation will be managed by professionals who connect you with the right banks, enabling you to receive and compare mortgage offers.

In addition to Romania, Homevest operates in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece. Continue reading about Stefan’s experience, who has completed the purchase of a holiday home in Spain from Germany.


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