Is it possible to buy a house in Romania with income from Poland? Find out how Radu succeeded

Radu wanted to buy a house as an investment back home, but wasn’t sure if he would be eligible for a mortgage, considering he is a Romanian living in Poland. He thought of getting a mortgage broker when he discovered Homevest. Continue reading Radu’s story.

Delia Mihuț
Written by: Delia Mihuț
Published at 2023-03-27
Last updated on 2024-06-11
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Whether you want to buy a property in Romania or the country that adopted you, whether you are interested in a holiday home or looking to invest, the process should be simple and easy to go through. 

Homevest can be a reliable support that accelerates the process of buying a property in Romania directly from abroad. Using the digital platform, you get support in preparing documents and sending requests to banks without paying extra fees. 

Radu is one of the clients that complete the purchase of a property in Romania through Homevest. He is from Brașov, Romania, but he has been living in Warsaw, Poland, for the last 5-6 years, where he works in retail for an international company. Home is where you feel at peace at the end of the day, so for Radu, Warsaw feels at home, as does Brașov. 

He wanted to buy a house as an investment back home, but wasn’t sure if he would be eligible for a mortgage, considering he is a Romanian living abroad. That’s when he thought of getting a mortgage broker and discovered Homevest through 

“Homevest was the key partner in getting the loan”

His home-buying journey was an adventure due to the complexity of obtaining a mortgage with income from another country. It’s not impossible to access a mortgage from abroad, but it’s necessary to demonstrate eligibility and provide evidence of declared income.

It took a while for Radu to find the house. He needed support to find the best offer and understand the required documents, and he didn’t have the time to call all the banks. That was when he decided to access a mortgage through Homevest. 

“Homevest was the key partner in getting the loan.

I was surprised by the dedication and constant support in finding solutions to the relationship with the bank. There were some obstacles along the way that I am convinced that without the determination of the Homevest consultant, I would not have been able to overcome”, Radu said. 

He managed to access a Libra Bank mortgage because he found it most suitable for his needs. 

It’s essential to choose the right bank for your needs

Now that he understands how difficult and time-consuming this process can be, he would recommend to anyone interested in applying for a mortgage to start by planning as much as possible. It’s essential to choose the bank that fits your needs and clarify all relevant aspects of your case from the beginning. Of course, having patience along the way is another key aspect you should consider. 

To learn more about how Homevest helped its customers continue reading Alina’s story, who bought a home in Romania from the UK. She told us that the most challenging part of her home-buying journey was dealing with Romanian banks that didn't understand the UK employment system. 

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