Compare Spanish mortgage offers while in Ireland
Compare Spanish mortgage offers while in Ireland

Buying property in Spain from Ireland. Key considerations

If you're considering a house in Costa del Sol, Cajasur could be your top choice. For properties under €100,000, Santander offers a viable option, while CaixaBank stands out for competitive fixed interest rates. Explore the Spanish property market from Ireland and discover insights about locations and mortgage deals for Irish buyers.

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Dreaming of relocating to Spain and starting a new life? You’re not alone since over 20,000 Irish citizens already live there. 

This guide covers all you need to know about buying property in Spain from Ireland, including insights into the property market, the best buying locations, and the latest mortgage deals.

What’s the property market like in Spain?

In 2022, the Spanish property market experienced a significant boost in investment from Irish buyers purchasing properties at record rates.

From January to June 2022, Irish buyers acquired 1,395 homes in Spain. This number was a large jump from the same timeframe in 2021, marking a 106.7% increase in homes bought by Irish buyers. 

According to a Bloomberg study, Spain's housing market remains comparatively more accessible in terms of pricing than Ireland's. House prices in Ireland have escalated sharply, surging by 13.9%, in stark contrast to Spain's more temperate increase of just 6.3%.

Top cities to buy a property in Spain

Continuing the interest in Spain's property market, let's look at the top cities drawing buyers, and their pricing details.

Canary Islands

With attractive tax incentives and lower prices, these islands offer a blend of investment value and lifestyle appeal.

With affordable living costs and many leisure activities, islands like Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and La Gomera are ideal for international buyers. 

Average price per m2
Average price per m2
La Gomera
Average price per m2
Gran Canaria
Average price per m2

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is ideal for holiday homes or retirement with its year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, and warm climate. Its relaxed lifestyle and warm climate attract foreigners, and the well-established Irish expat community offers a welcoming touch of home.

Average price per m2
Average price per m2
Average price per m2
Average price per m2


Valencia is an ideal location for foreign property investment with its transport connectivity, including direct international flights to Ireland. 

Ongoing urban regeneration is enhancing infrastructure and public spaces, suggesting a bright future for property appreciation. 

In October 2023, residential property prices averaged €2,049 per m2, up 11.84% from €1,832 in October 2022.

Is it hard to get a mortgage in Spain from Ireland?

Securing a mortgage in Spain as an Irish buyer can be more complex due to different lending criteria for non-residents. Spanish banks typically lend a lower percentage of the property value to non-residents—70%, as opposed to up to 80% for residents.

However, the fact that foreigners secured over 30,000 mortgages in Spain in 2022 indicates that navigating the Spanish property market is achievable with the right assistance.

How to get a mortgage in Spain as an Irish: step-by-step 

Getting a mortgage in Spain as an Irish national involves several steps, due to the different regulatory environment and the banks’ lending criteria for non-residents. 

Here's a simplified step-by-step guide:

#1. Compare mortgage deals 

Consider interest rates, fees, and overall costs. A solution that can optimize your time is Homevest, a digital service where you can submit your request to all the banks in the network, allowing them to compete to offer you the best deal. 

#2. Prepare your documents

Gather the required documents for your mortgage—proof of income, employment, debts, credit history, and secure a Spanish tax ID (NIE) for property transactions.

#3. Apply for pre-approval

Apply for pre-approval to know your potential loan amount, but remember it doesn't ensure final approval.

#4. Have the property appraised

A property valuation assesses a property's value based on size, location, and condition, affecting your loan amount.

#5. Finalize the mortgage application

Once you agree on a property, apply for a mortgage; if your credit and documents check out, the lender will offer you a loan.

#6. Conduct legal checks

Hire a Spanish notary and lawyer to manage legalities and sign the mortgage deed.

#7. Close the deal and get funded

Finalize the deal by signing the contract, paying the fees, and settling the payment with the seller, which will make you the property owner.

Homevest: one application, multiple banks

Homevest simplifies property buying by managing real estate agents, banks, surveyors, notaries, and lawyers, and negotiating with banks for competitive deals.

The digital platform connects applicants with banks like Santander, Sabadell, CaixaBank, Cajasur, and Unicaja, streamlining the process of obtaining a mortgage abroad by offering multiple options and resources in one place.

Homevest offers flexible service alternatives tailored to your needs, including a dedicated mortgage broker who structures your application to secure the best offers and ensures bank prioritization for your case.

What are the best mortgages in Spain for Irish citizens?

There are many options that an Irish citizen can consider based on the currency of their salary income. 

If you want to buy a house in Costa del Sol, Cajasur might be the best choice. For properties valued at less than €100,000, Santander can be a viable option, as can CaixaBank if you're seeking a competitive fixed interest rate. 

It's important to note that in October, the average interest rate for non-residents in Spain was 5.5%.

The lowest interest rate offered was a fixed rate of 3.64%, while the highest was a variable rate of 6.44%. 

When assessing 2023 mortgage rates in Spain for non-residents, staying informed about the latest market deals is key to negotiating the best price. 

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