You can download your Credit Report for free with an Experian account
You can download your Credit Report for free with an Experian account

How to download your Experian credit report in the UK

Learn how to download your Experian credit report easily in the UK by following the step-by-step instructions on accessing your credit information.

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Written by: Erik Edin
Published at 2023-11-20
Last updated on 2024-03-25
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When applying for a mortgage in Spain as a non-resident, you can expect the banks to ask for your credit report. If you live in the UK, getting an Experian Credit Report online is a good way to fulfill this requirement. Downloading your report can be done just with a free account on Experian’s platform.

Keep reading to discover what is required to access your Experian Credit Report online. We'll also explore how to centralize your credit file in one location, simplifying and accelerating the mortgage process.

What is the Experian Credit Report? 

An Experian Credit Report is a detailed summary of your financial behavior over the last six years. It includes your history with credit cards, loans, mortgages, and even utility bills like gas and electricity. 

This report helps lenders assess your creditworthiness by showing how you handle your finances.

How to get your Experian Credit Report in the UK - and what to do next

Here's a step-by-step guide to downloading your Experian credit report in the UK:

1. Creating an account on Experian UK

  • Visit the Experian UK website and click on the Sign up for free
  • To register an account, you will need to provide your name, date of birth, a UK phone number, email, and three years of address history
  • Create a username and password to start the verification process

2. Verifying your identity

  • After account creation, Experian will verify your information, which can take a while
  • Experian might request additional information

3. Accessing and downloading your Credit Report

  • Once your identity is verified, you can log in with your account details and download your credit report
  • The report will contain details like credit history, payment history, outstanding debts, and credit inquiries
  • Go to the Credit Reports tab on the Experian website, select View Report, and choose to download either a PDF or HTML version of the report​​

4. Providing it to the bank

To simplify the process and include it in your application, upload the credit report to your Homevest platform.

5. Understanding report updates and credit scores

  • It's crucial to review your credit report for any errors or inaccuracies
  • If you find errors, dispute them directly with Experian to have them corrected
  • To dispute an error, log in to your Experian account, go to the Dispute Information page, select the item in question, and provide any necessary documentation​​
  • Your free Experian credit report is updated every 30 days upon signing in. Paid memberships offer daily updates​​
  • Remember, credit reports do not include your credit score, but this is not required by the banks

Remember to regularly check your credit report for accuracy and monitor your credit health.

Consolidate your mortgage documents easily with Homevest

Homevest offers a time-saving solution by providing a digital platform where you can centralize your credit file. This allows you to apply to various banks simultaneously. 

With Homevest, you can directly engage with top banks in Spain, competing to offer you the best mortgage deals. Make sure you have all necessary documents, including your passport, proof of income, tax form, bank statements, and credit report, in one place.

Check out a mortgage document requirements checklist to determine if there are any other items you should add to your file and start your home-buying journey today.

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