Hur fungerar Homevest i Spanien?

Homevest is a digital mortgage mediation site that simplifies the process of applying for international mortgages for those who want to buy property abroad.

We offer flexible service options depending on your needs:

1. Homevest Free : A self-service platform that simplifies the process of applying for a mortgage abroad and gives you access to the leading banks' offers.leadsle

2. Homevest Plus : A dedicated mortgage broker who structures your application to give you the best offers and negotiate with the banks. Homevest Plus customers are always prioritized by the banks and you also get access to legal advice to ensure that everything is in order with your contracts. This service adds a 1% fee.

3. Homevest Legal : A team of real estate lawyers ensures that your purchase goes as planned. With Homevest, you can request a customized quote depending on the specific services you need.

Start by applying and getting a simulation to understand your options.

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