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Check if you can get a mortgage by filling out our form and register your interest with us.

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We'll call you to understand your needs and tell you where you stand.

Apply online

You send in all the documents and fill in the required form and we'll call you to confirm your application.

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Manage your application and track your progress online, via Homevest.

What's the cost?

0.00 lei (zero)

We don’t charge anything for our service. In the future, banks may pay us a commission when we refer customers to them.

The home buying process,
in Romania.

Get pre-approved

Once you analysed the offers and decided which bank you want, you send someone or come to Romania to sign the preapproval.

Find property

Find a property you like. is a good starting point.

Sign the pre-contract

Meet the seller at the public notary and sign the pre-contract.

Property survey

Bring the property documents from the seller together with the pre-contract. The bank will check the documents and survey the property. This can take some time (2-3 weeks).

Mortgage, sale-purchase and land registry

Meet the seller and a bank appointed person in front of a notary to sign the mortgage, loan agreement, sale purchase contract and exchange the title deeds.

Congrats! You got the keys

You are the king of your castle. Home sweet home!

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Our Story.


I was moving back to Sweden after 7 years in the UK. I was planning to buy a house but I could not find a bank that was willing to give me a mortgage.


I was looking to buy a house as investment back home in Romania. It's not easy to buy in the UK where I live. The house prices here are through the roof, especially in London. I am not sure where I'll live when I retire. Returning back home once my kids are all grown up is on the table for me.