Eligibility Criteria

Which income currencies are accepted when getting a mortgage in Spain?

If you are planning to get a mortgage in Spain, the currency in which you earn your income is an important factor for the banks. If you earn your income in EUR, you have the biggest selection of banks available, as this means the least risk to the banks.

If you earn your income in GBP, CHF, SEK, DKK, NOK, USD, or CAD, you also have a big selection of banks to choose from.

If you earn your income in PLN, CZK, BGN, HUF, HRK, SGD, ILS, AED, QAR, SAR, MXN, JPY, NZD, or AUD, you can still qualify for a mortgage in Spain, but there might only be one or two banks available. If you are getting a larger mortgage, you'll have more choices too.

If you earn your income in RON, CNY, INR, COP, ARS, TRY, THB, or some other currency not listed, you can usually still get a mortgage if you first incorporate a company in Spain that will be the property's owner. With legal support, this can be a simple process.