How to find a property in Costa del Sol with Ronan Baird, a buyer's agent

Are you envisioning a life of sun-soaked beaches, stunning coastal vistas, and vibrant Spanish culture on the Costa del Sol? Roman Baird offers a tailored property finding service that's akin to the experiences showcased on the renowned TV show "A Place in the Sun". Ronan Baird and his team wants to transform your dream of owning a piece of this paradise into a tangible reality.

Ronan Baird
Written by: Ronan Baird
Published at 2023-09-13
Last updated on 2023-09-13
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Are you interested in getting help finding a property in Costa Del Sol? 

Here, Ronan Baird, a Buyer's Agent based in Marbella, explains why you should choose him. 

First and foremost, a buyer's agent is dedicated to securing the best deal for the buyer and guiding them seamlessly through the purchase process. Learn more about the concept of a buyer's agent to see if it's the right fit for you.

A personalized approach to property hunting

We understand that your vision of the perfect property is as unique as your fingerprint. Our journey together begins by engaging in a detailed conversation about your preferences, requirements, and the specific location you have in mind on the Costa del Sol. Our mission is to align our efforts with your aspirations, ensuring that the properties we present resonate with your vision.

Strategic property sourcing

The Costa del Sol's real estate market is fast-paced and ever-evolving. Recognizing this, we've perfected the art of timing. We source properties once we know your arrival dates. Sending listings too far in advance can lead to missed opportunities, as properties tend to move quickly in this sought-after region. Instead, we curate a selection of potential properties just in time for your arrival.

Effortless discovery through brochures and viewings

Upon determining a selection that matches your criteria, we present you with comprehensive brochures delivered via email or WhatsApp. These brochures offer in-depth information, high-quality images, and vital details about each property, allowing you to explore and assess your options at your own pace. 

When you've identified properties that resonate with you, we move to the next phase: scheduling viewings. Your valuable time is our priority, and we take care of all logistics. We pick you up, accompany you to viewings, and return you to your accommodation, leaving you free to focus solely on experiencing the potential properties that have captured your interest.

Exclusive access, streamlined service

Our commitment to providing an exceptional service experience has led us to request exclusive collaboration from our clients. By working solely with us, you benefit from the advantage of having a single point of contact. This approach eliminates the confusion that can arise when multiple agents are involved, ensuring that your property search remains efficient and focused. We can confirm that we have access to all the properties on the market.

No hidden costs

Transparency is fundamental to our ethos. We want you to embark on this exciting journey without any financial reservations. Rest assured, there are no fees or commissions payable by you, the client to us. Our dedication lies in helping you find your dream property without any added financial burden.

Embark on your Costa del Sol journey today

The Costa del Sol's allure awaits you and our property-finding service is ready to guide you every step of the way. We are excited to embark on this journey with you, turning your dream of owning a property on the Costa del Sol into a vibrant reality.

We invite you to connect with Ronan, a dedicated professional who's passionate about helping you discover your ideal property in this idyllic Spanish paradise.

Contact information

Phone (Ireland): (+353) 086-823-0612
Phone (Spain): (+34) 676-790-179
Email: [email protected]

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