Can I get a mortgage in Spain from Finland? A case study

Ferran inherited part of a house in Castellón, on the Costa del Azahar, and wanted a mortgage to finance purchasing the rest of the property. It was a challenging experience because he needed to finance a property that was already partially owned. Continue reading our case study for more information.

Delia Mihuț
Written by: Delia Mihuț
Published at 2023-04-12
Last updated on 2024-06-11
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Spanish national living in Finland inherited part of a house in Castellón, on the Costa del Azahar, and wanted a mortgage to finance purchasing the rest of the property. The house was a concurrent estate, meaning that other partial property owners needed to be bought out.

After first reaching out to a bank in Finland and receiving an immediate rejection due to the property being in Spain, the customer turned his attention to traditional mortgage brokers in Spain and discovered that they charge around 3,000-5,000€ for support. 

Even though the customer is a Spanish speaker and could have dealt with the process with Spanish banks on his own, he soon discovered that researching cross-border mortgages and managing the process was tedious and progress was slow.


Homevest: an alternative service that helps you prepare documents and send requests to banks without paying extra fees. 

A cross-border mortgage expert was assigned to the case, guiding the customer through the process and ensuring lenders prioritized his application.

“One of the biggest challenges I faced was not knowing which lender to choose for my mortgage. At first, I applied to a Finnish bank, but unfortunately, my application was rejected since the house was in Spain. I then faced the daunting task of finding a Spanish bank that would accept my application with favorable terms. It was challenging because I needed to finance a property that was already partially owned. 

That’s when I discovered Homevest. They helped me understand the necessary documents for the mortgage application and provided access to various non-resident lenders in Spain. The platform was user-friendly, and I could get in touch with lenders and compare terms in one place.

There was a significant difference between Homevest and brokers. While brokers charged commission fees ranging from 3000-5000 EUR, Homevest didn't charge me anything. Their services are free since they receive a fee directly from the bank”, says Ferran. 


Everything was sorted in 2 months, mainly delayed by the final signing required to happen on-site in Spain. 

Through Homevest, the customer accessed 70K EUR mortgage financing from Banco Sabadell with an interest rate of 1.2% + EURIBOR and without any extra commissions or early repayment clauses included.  


Many expats have settled in Spain or invested in a holiday home there. You must know how the process works if you're considering doing the same. Keep reading a guide that covers everything you need to know when buying a property in Spain as a foreigner


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