Non-residents can get a mortgage in Portugal up to 80% of the purchase price
Non-residents can get a mortgage in Portugal up to 80% of the purchase price

Non-resident mortgage options in Portugal: insights from Reorganiza

We spoke with Reorganiza about mortgage options for non-residents in Portugal and how foreigners can simplify their home-buying journey. This discussion follows the partnership between Homevest and Reorganiza, two companies collaborating to make the Portuguese mortgage process for international buyers easier.

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Published at 2024-04-12
Last updated on 2024-04-16
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Portugal is one of the countries most open to foreign buyers, who are attracted not only by the country's charm but also by favorable tax conditions. Leading banks such as CGD, Bankinter, UCI, Santander, Novo Banco, and Banco BPI extend mortgage services to non-residents, catering to various income currencies. In light of the partnership between Homevest and Reorganiza—two key entities dedicated to streamlining the property purchase process for non-residents and foreigners in Portugal—we discussed non-resident mortgage options with the Reorganiza team. 

Reorganiza, a recognized digital mortgage broker, serves clients throughout Portugal and internationally, with a focus on Europe and America. They boast a proven track record in the Portuguese market and have partnerships with top banks in the country. 

How does Reorganiza simplify the process of international buyers obtaining a mortgage in Portugal?

We have over 10 years of experience managing mortgages with various banks, with whom we've built solid, trust-based relationships.

We are familiar with each bank's offerings, allowing us to adapt them easily to each client's needs and financial situation. Our negotiations on interest rates, insurance, and other financial products often secure more competitive terms than clients might achieve on their own.

Our insurance team complements our credit specialists, highlighting potential savings until the public deed's date. We offer close, personalized guidance, clarifying the details of each bank's proposal, many of which are exclusively in Portuguese.

The Reorganiza team consistently presents the optimal banking solutions for client consideration, adhering to strict criteria to align with their needs and financial goals. By outlining the pros and cons of each option, we empower our clients to make informed decisions

What should non-resident citizens be aware of when purchasing a property with a mortgage in Portugal? 

Non-residents are investing in Portugal not only for residency but also for investment opportunities, attracted not just by the country's appeal but also by tax benefits.

When considering an investment, you should account for the down payment equity (typically between 20% to 30%) plus taxes. 

Additionally, factor in the costs of property insurance and any life insurance associated with the loan. As a general rule, the effort rate should not exceed 40%.

How do you think property prices will evolve in 2024? 

We believe the prices should stay the same and there is still more demand than supply in the market.

Property prices in Portugal are typically 12% lower than in Spain. Are the Portuguese mortgages more affordable than the Spanish ones?

We are not sure. What we know is that some foreign clients keep saying that Portuguese interest rates are more competitive here in Portugal.

What are the differences between non-resident and resident mortgage options in Portugal? How do they compare?

Residents can get a mortgage up to 90% of the purchase price, while non-residents can get a maximum of 80%

In some banks, the maximum loan term for non-residents is shorter. Usually, the effort rate for non-residents should not exceed 40%, while for residents, it can be up to 50%.

Interest rates are identical in both cases. 

How does partnering with Homevest make buying a property in Portugal easier for foreigners?

Homevest maintains close follow-up with the client from the initial contact, during which a detailed assessment of the client's situation and the type of property they are interested in is conducted.

The platform simplifies our access to all the necessary documents and facilitates practical interactions with the team.

Sometimes, when communication with the client is challenging, Homevest's support is very quick and helpful. 


Homevest has partnered with Reorganiza, a digital mortgage broker renowned in the Portuguese market, to broaden client access to a broader range of banks and offer expert advice from leading mortgage and insurance brokers. 

Keep reading to learn what it takes to get a mortgage in Portugal as a foreigner, including the best mortgage options and how to apply.

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