Remote notarisation is now possible in Spain
Remote notarisation is now possible in Spain

Europe's cross border mortgage market: trends, predictions, and success factors

Mortgages for non-residents are a key focus for banks in Spain, Portugal, Romania, and Greece. Discover the latest trends and insights in Europe's cross-border mortgage market in the Homevest report, a step towards Homevest's goal of borderless mortgages.

Delia Mihuț
Written by: Delia Mihuț
Published at 2023-11-21
Last updated on 2024-04-15
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There is tremendous potential in the cross-border mortgage market in Europe, with Spain, Italy, and France representing half of the market for cross-border property.

What will happen in the next 10 years and what are the predictions? 

Read the Homevest report for insights from a survey with 20 EU banks about the cross-border mortgage market. The survey has been supplemented with desk research and interviews with Homevest collaborators.

Navigating the cross-border mortgage market: an overview

Cross-border property is a €54 Billion market and Spain, Italy, and France represent half of the market for cross-border property. 

Cross-border mortgages represent an €11 billion market. In these transactions, Spain leads with the highest financing rate, financing 38% of the turnover. 

Mortgages for non-residents hold significant importance for most banks in Spain, and the same can be observed for financial institutions in Portugal, Romania, and Greece. 

Opportunities and challenges in Europe's cross-border mortgage market

Banks in Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Romania also demonstrate the greatest eagerness to expand in this sector in the coming year.

A key benefit for banks in serving non-residents is engaging with a low-risk customer segment, as these clients often have larger deposits and higher incomes.

Spain's mortgage market success: key drivers 

The success in Spain's non-resident mortgage market is attributed to specialized banking services, a supportive regulatory environment, competitive interest rates, and a strong network of professional services, including legal and real estate experts.

The MCD review is expected to play a key role in simplifying cross-currency lending and in allowing passporting for nonbank lenders.

Homevest’s mission is to make mortgages borderless. This report is part of that effort. 

If you're interested in a comparative analysis of mortgages in Spain and Portugal for non-residents, check out the main requirements, pros and cons, as well as the interest rates offered.


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