Bankinter finances only 70% for foreigners
Bankinter finances only 70% for foreigners

Bankinter mortgage for non-residents in Portugal: everything you need to know

Find out how you can obtain a mortgage in Portugal with Bankinter if you are a non-resident, including eligibility requirements and necessary documentation.

Adrian Volenik
Written by: Adrian Volenik
Published at 2024-05-23
Last updated on 2024-06-11
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Foreigners and non-residents looking to buy a property in Portugal have Bankinter as a solid option.

The bank caters to people outside of Portugal as much as it does to the residents. So, let's explore what deals you can get with Bankinter, what the eligibility is, what documents you require, and what the bank's pros and cons are.

If you want to compare mortgages for non-residents in Portugal, check out Homevest, a digital solution tailored for cross-border mortgages.

What are the mortgage options Bankinter offers for non-residents looking to buy property in Portugal?

Bankinter was one of the mortgages my wife and I were considering while we were still living in Ireland because it is 100% done online. This makes it especially suitable for people who don't live in Portugal. 

They offer:

  • Green Mortgage (for new properties with "A" Energy Efficiency Certificate and "B" for used properties)
  • Fixed-rate mortgage
  • Variable rate mortgage
  • Mixed rate mortgage
  • Remortgaging

What are the eligibility requirements for a Bankinter mortgage?

As is the case with other Portuguese banks, there are certain requirements that you, as a non-resident, have to fulfill. And these are slightly different than for residents.

Residents can get up to 90% of their property financed, but Bankinter finances only 70% for foreigners.

You also need to have the Portuguese tax number (NIF) and income in your home country, which you will have to prove by sharing a copy of your latest tax return and the last 3-6 months of your bank statements. 

Your employment has to be permanent and at least six months long. Apart from that, you must be younger than 75 years, and your repayment term should be below 30 years. 

Lastly, you need to have a good credit history and not have a lot of debt in your name. 

What documents are required for a Bankinter mortgage in Portugal?

To get a mortgage as a non-resident in Portugal, you need to provide the following:

  • ID or Passport 
  • Taxpayer Number for everyone involved
  • Proof of residence
  • The last Income Tax Declaration and Settlement Note
  • The last 3 payslips
  • The previous 6 months' bank statements 
  • Employer's Declaration showing employment relationship

They might also ask for proof of where your funds came from, details on any outstanding debts, savings, credit reports from your country, and more.

For example, when we were getting a mortgage in Portugal, the bank asked for our credit history, although they didn't ask for it at first with the rest of the documents.

As they try to decide for you and your prospective property, you'll find that they need more proofs and documents, and going back and forth can take weeks. 

Homevest offers an all-in-one platform to speed up the mortgage process from abroad

Preparing and submitting documents to the banks can become overwhelming, making the process feel very long. Luckily, Homevest provides an all-in-one platform to centralize your cross-border experience in one digital place.

Banks can easily access your documents and notify you whenever additional information is needed. Homevest offers a seamless digital experience that facilitates efficient communication between customers and involved parties, ensuring transparency throughout the process. 

There are no hidden fees or charges for processing and submitting your documents to the bank. When your mortgage is completed, Homevest receives a commission from the bank. This fee varies by bank, but it does not increase the cost of your mortgage.

Bankinter mortgage in Portugal for non-residents: pros and cons

Bankinter is a good choice if you're looking to buy a second home in Portugal. The bank offers variable and mixed mortgage rates, but also promotional fixed-rate mortgages, which can reduce your mortgage rate and spread. 

But for that, you will have to get life and house insurance with them. However, you will also need to have at least 30% of the property's value as a down payment.

Those looking to buy an energy-efficient house can avail of the so-called Green Mortgage with special conditions (lower spread and interest rate, better valuation).


  • Capital repayment since day one
  • The bank runs promotions, and you can get a better rate or spread
  • Ability to get remortgages and preferential mortgages for energy-efficient homes
  • For mortgages higher than 100,000 EUR, the spread is lower


  • The amount of the mortgage is approved on a case-by-case scenario

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We recommend obtaining professional or specialist advice before taking or refraining from any action based on the content in this article. The information in this article does not constitute legal, tax, or other professional advice from Homevest Limited. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. We make no representations, warranties, or guarantees, whether express or implied, that the content in this article is accurate, complete, or up to date.

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